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M10 Rectangular Base T-Nuts,round base T-Nuts, pronged T-Nuts for climbing Wall


M10 T-Nuts is a climbing wall hardware that you can not miss for your project. The great news is as a manufacturer, RMC produces all types of T-Nuts that you would find in the market. In addition, more than 80% of our clients are contractors, builders. They buy those T-Nuts quite often.

M5 Volume Screw Inserts


Are you looking for an easy and economic way to expand volume service life? Well, these M5 volume inserts would be a great solution. They are little, easy to install, and offer good protection to the volume holes. You would find it time and money-saving.

Quick link, protection U-Bolts for climbing wall


The adjustable bracket is an engineered climbing wall hardware. What are the main characteristics? Firstly, it offers a strong connection between the plywood back and the steel structure or the wall. Secondly, the total length can be adjusted by twisting the position of the tube on the threaded rod.

Stainless steel U-Bolts, Qucik link for climbing wall


When you see a protection U-Bolt in the climbing wall, you would see a quick line at the same time. That’s how they work together. Firstly, the U-Bolt offers great load from the vertical, horizontal version. Secondly, it offers good protection to the quick link thanks to the round edge.

Galvanzied Steel, INOX A2.A4 Turnbuckle


How could turnbuckles offer more flexibility to climbing wall design and construction? Because they have various end fittings design. What’s more, the length can be adjusted. As a manufacture, our aim is to offer the most efficient, economic, and reliable products. So just feel free to communicate with us if you need any special turnbuckle design for your projects.

Wood Timber, Steel connector for wood climbing wall


Structural Steel connector also called wood timber, offers a stable connection for the wood corner. As a result, it makes the climbing wall stronger. There are regular types and some special types, no matter what you need, RMC could offer a good solution.

Wood Timber, Steel connector for wood climbing wall

3/8″-16 and M10 Socket Head Bolts for Climbing Holds

What’s the most durable bolts used for clifmbig holds? RMC has the best solution for you, we have been producing M10, UNC 3/8″-16 Socket Head Bolts for years. Finishing is black oxide, class 12.9 which represents the strongest socket screw for climbing holds. This bolt has cap design, and you need tighten it with 5/16″ Allen Key or socket wrench drive.

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